We recommend that you wash your mask once before you wear it. Following the initial wash, we recommend it should be cleaned every day or after eight hours of use.

1)      Optional for inserting the filter - Clean your hands thoroughly first. With the die cut filter layer sharper point facing upward, carefully sandwich the filter layer in the middle by hand or sanitized tool. Try to insert the filter as close to the inner top edge of the mask as possible to achieve the highest filtration efficiency.      

2)     After wearing the mask, lightly press the upper end of the mask,  shaping non-metallic strip to let the mask cover your face and nose without air leaks.

3)     The ear round rubber loop ends, have an attached pair of small silicone adjusters. Pull the rubber loop ends by holding the adjusters to fine-tune the desired length. Be careful not to make the rubber bands too loose; otherwise it will cause air leaks on both sides of the mask and reducing the effectiveness of protection. We recommend adjusting to the most comfortable level, then tighten accordingly.      

Cleaning and Care

Mask: We recommend it should be cleaned every day or after eight hours of use. Rub gently on both sides of the mask with sanitizing laundry agents and keep soaked for a while in warm water. Iron at a low temperature to kill germs after dry, avoiding middle seam. Based on hygiene and durability considerations of the masks, washing in washing machines is not recommended.

Durability. The mask set under normal use and caring should be able to be washed up to 50 times or more and retain good absorbability, breathability and anti-droplet properties.